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	The work by Bloch that you might mean is _The Principle of Hope_,
3 vols, MIT. Also, look at _The Utopian Function of Art and Literature_
also MIT (pale green, for you color-coders)--this has some chunks from
_Principle_ and some later essays as well, plus an interview with Adorno
that helps clarify some diferences (as if it weren't clear...). There's
also a little thing, exercepts again, titled _On Karl Marx_ by Bloch. As
we know, Jameson couldn't be Jameson without Bloch. Bloch's remarks on
Marcuse are in an interview(well, some of 'em anyway); those interested in
the citation let me know.
	It may also be of interest that Jameson's newest book, _The Seeds
of Time_, adds the utopian dimension so long missing from his work
(since _The Political Unconscious_ in 1981)--he now draws heavily on
Fourier (as did Marcuse in _Eros & Civ_). ah thiose lines of


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