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Joseph F. Lockard lockard at netvision.net.il
Fri Jun 30 04:21:12 MDT 1995

Scott Marshall wrote:

>On Joe's Stalinist TV's: The kind of tragic story you have to laugh to keep
>from crying about. What immediatly came to mind is: What kind of programing
>did they have, "Uncle knows best" and imagine the terror if you were
>featured on "This is your life". But seriously, what kind of TV programing
>was there?

I kind of wondered about that myself, and I don't really know the answer.
I'd speculate the programming was at most and hour or two a day, if that.
And that it was live coverage of official functions or talking heads.  If
anybody out there knows much about early Soviet communications, speak up.

Best, JOE


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