Triangulation & our Prisoner's Dilemma

Scott Solomon ss341 at
Fri Jun 30 07:03:10 MDT 1995

It's helpful to just add a few misc. points to this discussion.  First,
Erwin Marquit's class 'Intro to Marxism' was in no way under attack from
the College Republicans, VFW, or any right wing group when I was enrolled
in the course (unless one considers the WL a right wing group).
Secondly, it's a complete misrepresentation put forward by Andy who was
no where near Mpls MN in 1988 to say that YS members tried to turn
Marquit's entire class into a Stalin-Trotsky debate.  The majority of
Marquit's classes went by without any intervention by the YS.  On a busy
day, maybe we'd ask three questions, all of which Marquit would ignore.

I think there's an interesting tendency here to take so much of Marquit's
version as good coin.  He's been so "gracious".  Isn't it a little more
accurate to say he's told a few untruths?  First, that the course
description was *not* modified when I provide independent confirmation
that it was.  Second, that he never gave support to the Moscow Trials,
but he never corrects a 'periodization' of Marquit's personal history
that puts him in the CP in the mid-40's when support of the Moscow trials
would have been as standard as wearing a Jesse Jackson button.  Finally,
this really incredible idea of Marquit as a "survivor", conflating
Marquit's history with the history of real victims of Stalin.  Is Marquit
a "survivor" in the same sense as Sidney Rittenburg, a devoted Communist
who spent twenty years in Maoist prisons?  Not to mention Marquit's
posting that started this all off, when he seemed to suggest his input on
the CPC was completely independent of any past/present affiliation with
the CP.

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