Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

Matt D. afn02065 at
Fri Jun 30 09:27:40 MDT 1995

Jim Devine writes:

>>The Nazis killed about 10 million civilians in the camps,
>>including 6 million Jews. The media usually forget the 10 - 6 = 4
>>million, who included social democrats, communists, gays,
>>gypsies, "deviants" of other sorts, and the retarded. I don't
>>know what percentage of the 6 million or the 4 million was
>>"working class" but I'd bet that at least half of each was.
>>It's absolutely true that the Nazis were anti-semitic. But it's
>>often forgotten (especially by the bourgeois media) that they
>>were also anti-working class, banning unions, working-class
>>political parties, free speech, free press, etc.

Nello writes:

>Nazis reached the power with stong aid of german finance and industrial
>world to kill
>Weimar repubblic and destroy working-class organizations.
>Antisemitism was an over-structural aspect of nazism, already present in
>german culture, used to eliminate intellectuals and opponents and to bond
>german people under
>raving myth of  upper race.

To the extent Communists and other working class activists went into the
camps their we can at least see a "political" reasoning behind their
extermination.  For gypsies, gays, etc. their persecution took place under
the extension of the fundamentally anti-Semitic racial purification
paradigm.  Anti-Semitism was a necessary condition of the Holocaust in a way
that other vectors of bigotry and oppression were not, and the extermination
of the Jews should not be "collapsed" in the fashion of "well, lots of
people died, including many Jewish people."

As for the notion that anti-Semitism was in some way not a very basic, core
element of Nazism, but rather grafted on as a political tool--this seems to
me indefensible.  By the end of the war, supplies for maintaining trains and
tracks, among other things, were being diverted from the fronts in order to
keep Jewish people flowing into the death camps!  Even from a Nazi
perspective I don't see how we could offer a "political" rationalization for

Actually, when trying to "get my mind around" the Holocaust, I often ending
up falling back on terms like "insane" or even "satanic".  I know this
represents a failure of analysis.  But I don't think Jim or Nello have
captured it here, either.

-- Matt D.

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