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Juan, I find it very difficult to read your posts.  It seems to me
that we speak entirely different languages, and I don't mean because
I'm a scientist or blinded by prejudice.  I find the vocabulary and
such just nearly impenetrable.  I've been following [trying to
follow] your posts, trying to figure out what you are talking about
for a few weeks now.  I can barely make heads or tails of it.

I'd like to take another shot at your recent post, if I can find the
time, but we might have to start with translation.  I mean, the words
look familiar, but I am at least unaccustomed to the way you use them
- necessity, reproduction of reality, etc.

But, if the nature of the problem is such that you can not offer
examples, it will be difficult for me indeed.  There is a lot of
abstract talk, or talk about things in utterly abstract terms, such
as the very idea of talking about "science" in general, that have
limited usefulness to me.  If we could get down to cases, that would
be speaking a language I'm better able to understand.


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