eye/hand & mental health

Scott Marshall Scott at rednet.org
Fri Jun 30 15:27:12 MDT 1995

Chris B or whomever,

I've long toyed with an idea about mental health that I'd like to bounce off
of you or anyone who has studied these things. Let me from the outset say I
have read very little about these issues and have found most 'pop'
psychology silly. Or more seriously much of bourgy psych seems to center on
getting people to passively accept their lot under capitalism - especially
the touchy feely variaties. I have enjoyed what I've read by Pavlov - but
feel sure that much of it has been discarded by now.

Anyway - it seems to me that there may be a profound connection between
eye/hand coordination and good mental health. Or to put it another way that
productive physical work contributes greatly to a kind of dialectical
balance with our consciouness or mental state. And conversly that imbalances
in that realationship can contribute to mental suffering including
dislocation. I suspect this may go a little deeper than just the *obvious*
fact that those with jobs and some social purpose tend to be better off and
therefor less vulnerable to severe off-putting disturbances in their lives.
It seems to me that mental health must evolve somewhat around the
multifaceted and constant interacting of the conscious mind with physical
activity - work.

After all human capacity for physical work is very much based on our
ablility to think and communicate socially. Or conversely our ablility for
higher order thinking is one factor helping us to do physical work far
different than other species.

Scott M.

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