Revolutionary Marxist Holocaust denial?

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Fri Jun 30 16:30:38 MDT 1995

On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

>  but rather because anti-semetism is gaining
> >wider acceptance in the working class (most notably in the
> >African-American community).
> >
> This is a pretty heavy duty bald assertion - where is your evidence for this.

Holy Cow!  Scott, where have you been?  The growth of anti-semitism in a
number of forms in various sections of the African-American community is
well known and widely accepted by many leaders in the African-American
community.  Also well-known is the growth of racism among different
segments of the American Jewish community.

In New York alone there have been many overtly anti-semitic acts
committed by members of the Black community.  At one of the schools where
I teach, a viruently anti-semitic article was published in the college
newspaper.  The author was not alone in those sentiments (e.g. how Jews
control the economy, the government, ad nauseum) but was widely supported
by many other Black students.  This does not mean that the majority of
African-Americans are anti-semitic, but that the numbers are growing.

For statistics, see past issues of "Tikkun" (a left liberal Jewish magazine).

As for the non-African-American segment of the working class,
anti-semitism has grown there as well due in large part to the Moral
Majority and the Christian Right.

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