First Ammendment Rights

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Fri Jun 30 20:06:43 MDT 1995

Some items from the news in the last week:

*  the Supreme Court rules against Florida lawyers;
*  if students lead the prayers at graduation, then school prayer is
permitted (says the Supreme Court);
*  drug testing for student athletes is permitted even where school
officials have no reasonable grounds for suspecting individual students
(says the Supreme Court);
*  the House passes the anti-flag burning ammendment.  The Senate will
follow soon, it is anticipated.  The States will probably ratify.  The
President will probably sign;
* it appears that if I use the four-letter "f" word on the Internet, I
may soon be subject to criminal prosecution.

Does the above make you feel a little apprehensive?  What is next?

A practical suggestion:  make sure your passport is valid in case you
have to get the hell out of this country quick.

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