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Fri Jun 30 21:07:44 MDT 1995


>I guess that
>"revisionist history" is any history that isn't authored by the Party and
>doesn't emphasize the glorious and heroic contributions of Uncle Joe and
>the Party faithful.


This is beneath you.

>Stalin was an idiot to believe that Hitler and the Nazis would stick to
>their end of the agreement.

Only your own political bias can make you believe that Stalin at any time
trusted Hitler or the Nazi's. But hey, just because Stalin made it clear to
the party that the pact meant mounting an all out mobilization to prepare
for Nazi attack - and did so immediately after the pact was signed- hey why
let facts get in the way of revisonist fantasies. (BTW you'll find
revisionism in the dictionary and just because it isn't used in the way
you're used to hearing it, you're probably clever enought to figure it out.)


>It was not particularly "effective", though, and "all honest history"
>will not say that it was.  Scott:  you *really* need to read some
>histories of the USSR which were not published by Pioneer or
>International Publishers.  Quotes from Zhukov are not the best
>independent sources of information.>

Name some - and you have no notion of what I read. How would you know, ever
read any Zhukov?

>Of course, many CPSU cadres were motivated by the "cause of building
>socialism."  Was that the primary factor which motivated the Soviet
>masses?  I don't know.

You're right, you really don't have a clue. And if you think Stalin's only
method was fear then you don't know much about the period in question.

The Stakhanovites worked hard - get it. Maybe not. Building socialism
requires, especially in underdeveloped countries, a lot of very hard work.
Not a real hard concept to grasp.

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