USSR and Russia

Scott Marshall Scott at
Fri Jun 30 21:07:42 MDT 1995

Well Jerry your arguments are long on invective and sarcasum but short on
substance. You shoot a lot of your own brand of pop anti-Sovietism, that
really places like the Heritage Foundation do a better more 'documented'
version of. Don't like my sources then tell us yours.

But at the end of the day doesn't it bother you that in essence your
anti-sovietism is little different than that of the right including your
attacks on Soviet sources etc. First I doubt you've read much Soviet stuff
because if you had you would be more thoughtful and better prepared to argue
against it - rather than arguing caricatures.

As for the German Party and Ernst Thaelman - maybe someday (unfortunatly)
you'll get to see if you have half the fortitude and bravery to fight as
they did. Your scoffing at the very real contributions of others doesn't do
much to increase your credibility nor make your case for 'your' version of
history. Thaelman was shot in the middle of the night in the Buchenwald
Consentration camp. It was done secretly and never publicized by the Nazi's
because they were afraid, even in 1944, what the reaction would be in parts
of Germany.

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