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> Why no women?

Well, I think Judith Butler is one of the most brilliant thinkers of at
least the last half of this century, and one sees hints of marx alll over
her work but I only remember one place (I still haven't got a copy of the
first book, just skimmed a freinds library copy) where she mentions Marx.
Juliette Mitchell is equally or almost equally deserving of praise, is
explicitly Marxist, but doesn't talk that much about literature that I
Spivak is great, probably would call herself a Marxist (and then spend an
hour telling you what she did and didn't mean by saying that- then ask
for a copy of your interview at the last minute, want to change a quote,
not get the manuscript back in time before the interview went to the
presses then pay to do a whole new press run with the corrected text
which tells you what she thinks about what she said a month ago about
Marx having been a bit facile).
These people and I could name a few more are all on par with Jameson,
blow Eagelton out the water, and at least make Williams look a bit dated
if not any less important,
I guess I feel that until real recently most women (even those of class
and color) have been forced by the ommision of white male scholars who
ran the institions and publishing houses to concetrated on what had been
neglected. Finally we're getting some decent auto criticims of whiteness,
masculinity and straightness- which might free up working class black
lesbians to concentrate on whatever it is they want to think about
instead of forcing them to deal with what's been overlooked- I think
there's a hell of a long way to go and a lot of real practical changes on
the level of lived politics before that's a reality.. in the mean time I
can't enough how indebtred I am in this case to women for addressing the
question of gender..

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