First Ammendment Rights

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Fri Jun 30 21:55:58 MDT 1995

On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Scott Marshall wrote:

> >A practical suggestion:  make sure your passport is valid in case you
> >have to get the hell out of this country quick.
> >
> Gee Jerry. Maybe this isn't fair, but given your ridicule of other people's
> sacrifices in fighting fascism in another thread, isn't this kind of telling.

No, it's not fair.  Let's just agree that *this* time the CPUSA and the
other groups on the Left should attempt to wage a *united front* against
fascism here.  Ultimately, I believe we will, quite likely, all die
together (at the barricades or in internment camps or by lethal
injection , perhaps) or succeed.  We can't allow our differences to
overwhelm our common class interests.

And in that common struggle, let us hope that petty differences and
posturing can be put aside long enough for us to deal with each other in
good faith.

BTW, if you can save your life by escaping to another country to fight
again, then that is a result that I would prefer for you and others.

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