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Wed Mar 1 09:41:47 MST 1995

What Cockburn's "various bashings," as Tim Wohlforth put it, accomplish is
to make it more difficult for people to delude themselves that by allying
with this nice politician, or finding hope in some only quarter-dreadful
wing of the fully dreadful Democratic Party, they will actually accomplish
anything. Alex can be a bit cranky, for sure - like when he called me a
member of the liberal establishment along with Anthony Lewis because I said
repeatedly during the summer of 1992 that Jerry Brown was both flake and
fraud - but he's usually right.

Yes, it'd be nice to study how Bernie wins over ordinary folks. But it's
also important to admit that he voted for the goddam crime bill. Excusing
votes like that lead ultimately to the discovery that Tom Foley wasn't such
a bad guy after all.

If there's one thing to be learned from the rise of the right over the last
30 years, it's that they stuck to their guns, affirming a (loopy and cruel)
set of principles even as people laughed at them. Newt & Co. see themselves
as revolutionaries, while the left clings hopefully to Dick Gephardt.



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