Ron Press anclondon at gn.apc.org
Thu Mar 2 12:04:43 MST 1995

1> I do not know the detailed activities of the various
politicians in the US of A. Non the less my experience is that one
must learn to choose between the flea and the louse. Both may be
very unsavory but in the real world of politics one must support
the bad as against the worse.

Each political strain, each variety, each breed is impure and
imperfect. Only by debate by discussion and persuasion can a way
forward be found.

We of the third world and the second and even perhaps the first,
are unfortunately being dominated by the US of A. We need an many
allies in the belly of the dragon as we can get.

Any voice that brings something of the pain of the world to the
ears of the reactionaries, even if they do not listne, even if the
voice does not say exactly what we would wish to hear, any voice
is welcome.

Fraternal criticism yes, denigration no.

Let us be fierce with our enemies, let us be tolerant with our
friends, and let us have the intellegence to know the difference.
Ron Press.

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