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Thu Mar 2 15:24:51 MST 1995

I seem to have stirred up a lot on this Bernie Sanders business!  I would not
defend Sanders' vote on the Crime Bill but all his other votes in Congress
could not have been better.

I believe it is a slander to suggest that Sanders does not involve workers in
his electoral campaigns.  On what do you base this accusation?  My
understanding is he has built up a real grass roots political movement
involving workers and others.

Those who oppose any support to the Democratic Party should be boosting
Sanders not denouncing him.  He's all you've got!!!  He has refused to run as
a Democrat since his beginnings in politics.  If you can't stomach Bernie,
how will you ever get a start on independent politics?

I think it is a grave mistake to treat representation in Congress as if it
didn't matter.  Decisions made in Congress directly affect every one of us.
 It now looks like those decisions will hurt us all more and more,
particularly the poorest of us.  It therefore makes sense to fight back to
get proper representation in Congress for working people, minorities, women,
etc.    ANY left movement in America which has ANY influence must start in
this manner.

Doug, I believe, commented that Newt and the right got to where they are by
sticking to their princeples.  True.  I believe the left must fight for
princepled politics.  However, let's face reality.  The right got to where
they are because they abandoned independent politics and took over the
Republican Party!!!  Therefore, this suggests, until such time as we have
proportional representation in this country, it makes sense for the left to
fight within the Democratic Party.

This would suggest that Dellums and Wellstone may have found a better way
than Sanders.  I would pose it a little less either-or myself.  Where
independent politics can work , or where the left is frozen completely out of
the Democratic Party, we should pursue third party activity.  Elsewhere we
should work within the Dems.

Generalized comments about the bankruptcy of Social Democracy are not very
helpful, particularly when applied to a country which has yet to build a
Social Democratic party. We have not yet had the opportunity to become
bankrupt!  We must also consider the bankruptcy of the left in general.  In
my estimation the most bankrupt section of the left is the ultra-left
vanguardist groups.  Bernie may impact the American scene imperfectly.  The
ultras do not impact it at all!

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