Pegasus message #1 (fwd)

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Thu Mar 2 17:58:12 MST 1995

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Date: Thu, 2 Mar 95 16:08:21 EST
From: Malgosia Askanas <ma at>
To: jpb8 at, spoons at
Subject: Pegasus message #1

People who use the Pegasus mailer are ardently requested to TURN OFF the
"RCPT Confirmation Requested" feature WHEN POSTING to this list
(or to _any_ list run via majordomo software).  The way to do this,
I was told, is

          F9-edit headers: Confirm: N

Majordomo is programmed to screen off most error messages, and send them
-- instead of to the list -- to the account to which the list is
attached (in this case spoons at etc.).  Unfortunately, however, it does
_not_ do the same with the Pegasus RCPT messages.  Consequently, every
time someone posts a message to this list with the "RCPT Confirmation
Requested" feature ON, an RCPT confirmation message will be sent to
the whole list every time the original message is read by anybody using
Pegasus.  Please, do your utmost to try to avoid this.

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