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A technical note:  I'm using Pegasus on Windows on an IBM in my
office.  It turns out that when Pegasus was installed (by another)
it was set up so that it would not be possible through the standard
routes to disable the automatic RCPT:  confirmation.  After much
struggle (I'm just not a whiz when it comes to computers)
I did figure out how to fix this problem, and although it
seems most people have figured out how to fix it on their machines, I
would like to give anyone who hasn't the steps necessary.

-- First, go to FILE and select PREFERENCES and then ADVANCED
 SETTINGS.  If you are lucky, you can just click off "Accept 'confirm
reading' requests."  This didn't work on my machine.  I had go back
to PREFERENCES and then go to EXTENDED FEATURES.  Here there is
another field called "Allow 'confirmation of reading' requests" which
you click off.  This seems to have been the trick on my machine.

-- It is possible to go to FILE and then NEW MAIL FILTERING
and set up Pegasus so that it will delete all messeges that begin
with RCPT.  When the FILTERING RULES screen appears go to ADD RULE
and then select "subject: field," put "RCPT:" in the "contains"
field, and "DELETE" in the "then do this" field.

This all seems stultifyingly simple to me now, but it took just about
all the patience I have to figure it out.  I hope the info will help
somebody -- bhabha is a piece of cake compared to computers!


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