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Fri Mar 3 00:38:26 MST 1995

On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Adam Bandt wrote:

> It seems a shame when someone who gets elected to Parliament on a
> self-confessed socialist platform turns out to be little different from the
> Democrats. Amidst all the Sanders 'hype', his abysmal record on things like
> the Crime Bill can get overlooked.
> I am seeking info about Bernie Sanders - complimentary or otherwise
> (preferably the latter). If anyone has any good articles or reference,
> could you please post them or mail them to me personally?
> Thanks,
> Adam Bandt
Bernie Sanders is a regular subscriber to PNEWS. You'll find his articles
there.. So are the SPARTS and others.
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agenda. Those are certainly "progressive" issues. Where people
are suffering we should try to understand why and not only
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can we not just be philosophers, but go out into the world and
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Everyone has grown up exposed to biases, assumptions and
prejudices that interfere with objective analysis. In any group
some of those assumptions will be expressed. So groups like this
continue to reflect social problems without realizing it. This
lack of awareness can be seen in lists, newsgroups and
conferences that view dynamics between members as individual,
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underlie the problems. When that happens conferees get into a
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are valued while others' are not or are berated. So "concensus,"
while it is a desired ideal, more important is learning to
understand the values behind the process and listening to each
other. Working together to meet everyone's needs is more
important. Formulating a vision for a better world is more
important. Responding to those in need is more important.

      old friends
      all their antennae out
      weaving together a fabric of agreement
      how much listening can a room hold?
      in a sea of ambiguity
             each one takes a turn
             catching a thread of clarity
             and offering it to the rest
      caring sensitive fingers
      probling the tangle of ideas
      sorting the threads
      tying loose ends
      holding the pattern-that-might-be
              in the mind's eye
      the skill and patience
               intelligence and creativity
               of a dozen lovers
      building with fine familiar tools
      in an uncharted land
                [Pamela Haines]

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