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>Generalized comments about the bankruptcy of Social Democracy are not very
>helpful, particularly when applied to a country which has yet to build a
>Social Democratic party. We have not yet had the opportunity to become
>bankrupt!  We must also consider the bankruptcy of the left in general.  In
>my estimation the most bankrupt section of the left is the ultra-left
>vanguardist groups.  Bernie may impact the American scene imperfectly.  The
>ultras do not impact it at all!

I presume the remark that "We have not yet had the opportunity..." was
meant ironically. It's amazing to me that Bernie-ites and New Partisans are
all looking to Canada's NDP as a model, when the NDP is nothing less than a
disaster. Why is SD in such terrible straits around the world? Shouldn't we
be asking ourselves that question before pushing a SD project in the US?

Yeah the sectarians are a shame, but those who write intellectual histories
should also examine the disastrous heritage of the "mainstream" CP -
popular frontism and the embrace of the Dems. That too, has been an
intellectual and political disaster.



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