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Fri Mar 3 10:30:14 MST 1995

Tom Condit reports
I should say that the authors are "ordinary" (whatever that
means) rank and file workers in Los Angeles.  I live in the San
Francisco Bay Area myself, so I don't know the full composition
of the committee, but I know that it includes at least one member
each of the Communist Party, Socialist Party and Solidarity, and
an ex-member of the Internationalist Workers Party (Fourth
Int'l), the U.S. "Morenoite" group.  They're not there as
representatives of their parties but as individuals."

I'm personally involved in a leftist discussion group in
Bristol UK called
The Bristol Marxist Forum that has been running for 2 years
and includes present and past members of a welter of British
left grouplets and parties. Our aim is non-sectarian but
fundamental discussion> Most of us are active trade unionists
and some are involved in other political struggles. We are
part of a loose network of groups called'the revolutionary
socialist network'. The groups that comprise the network are
equally diverse - trots, ultra-lefts,anarchists etc. We share
(by and large) a rejection of neo-bolshevik vanguardism
(mines the only party and everyone else is a class enemy) and
a determination to ask fundamental questions in the light of the
collapse of the USSR. We're also mainly in favour of the
revolutionary overthrow of capitalism.

I'm posting this because the group Tom described sound along
similar lines..or at least inspired by similar thinking.

All the best...Will Brown

PS Is anything similar happening elsewhere

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