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Fri Mar 3 14:02:59 MST 1995

On Wed 1st March Guy Yasko wrote:


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> Its a good reminder, but I fear I personally will drown if I
> subscribe to another list. I am also receiving Hans Ehrbar's very
> lively Capital reading class.

Sounds great.  How does one participate?


Yes it is a unique experience.

The last class, Guy, is on Wednesday 8th March, but Hans Ehrbar said
before the course began on 4th Jan, that it may well be repeated.

Judging by its success I would think that is highly likely, and Hans
promised to give feedback to the Marxism list in due course. I guess
he may need a break before getting things together, but I expect he
may indicate then, how to put your name down for a future opportunity.


Chris Burford.

PS it is nice that you are signing in from Japan.

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