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1> The list is getting down to specifics. This is good but it does
make it difficult for the outsider to participate from the basis
of concrete knowlege of the on the ground situation.

Now I am a white south African. My father was a trade unionist but
had the typical white arragance of the racist. I became a

What was I and those  like me supposed to do.

There was a problem. To work amongst the white community was in
the 1950's a waste of time but we did give out leaflets, and we
organised a discussion club amongst young white mainly students.
Really very frustrating.

There was the idea of putting up candidates, of joining the
mainstream white parties and changing them from within. There were
those who pleaded purity and abstention from nationalist causes.

I feel deeply for the progressive American.

Fortunately we had a majority of black people who had a bigger
problem. State racism. They understood opression. They had no
option but to struggle. The communists realised the nature of the
unity of African Nationalism and the liberation of the working

The white working class was hardly revolutionary. It was racist.
Still we had a few white workers who for purely selfish reasons
were prepared to struggle together with the black workers.

The task of the communists, the humanists, the liberals, and the
christians was to see what the problem was and to focus on it.

It was racism. As we said the "Apartheid system".

We as communists worked as communists. Building the underground
party but building the African National Congress as well. There
was no fundamental contradiction or problem in this.

Others established the Liberal Party. Yet others saw salvation in
christian action.

In Jail we had priests, communists, liberals, anarchists and
others, Well in Jail it does not pay to quarrel. So we discussed
and acted as far as possible together. We communists even prayed
together with the priests on Sunday. ( Unfortunately some of the
liberals did no jion the hunger strike with us.)

This is still the basis of the left's approach.

What is the problem?? Gather as many around the idea of solving
the problem and focus on the siolution of the problem. Discuss the
differences of approach on the basis of how to solve the problem
and act to solve the problem.

How many times have I heard. "You know he is a Communist, but he
is a nice one."  He is a nice one because he is a Communist not in
spite of being one . But that is not important. What is important
is that he is a nice one because he is working to solve the same

For me the main problem as far as I can see from a distance is
that the US of A is heading towards a right wing consolidation. I
would not call it fascism because that term carries with it a lot
of historic baggage. But it smells the same.

Surely this is the problem. If this bloke  Bernie Sanders sees
this as the problem he should be treated gently as a friend rarher
than harshly as an enemy.

There is no difficulty in working with the innumerable groupings
and organisations that also see this problem of the growth of
right wing reaction.

The job of the peoples politician is to supply the glue that
unites the masses against the expoliters. Others would use
different terminology but mean the same thing.

Ron Press.y, Socialist Party and Solidarity, and an ex-member of
the Internationalist Workers Party (Fourt Now I am a white south
African. My father was a trade unionist b [A

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