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I happen to be increasingly fascinated by Laclau and Mouffe (who also
were the subject of practically the very first discussion on this list).
However, at present at least, I'm not entirely sure how useful it is to
discuss them, or to discuss "post-Marxism" or "postmodernism" in the way
we've been discussing these terms.  So here's an idea that leapt out at

On Sat, 4 Mar 1995, Guy Yasko wrote:

> I leave it to the Gramsci experts to evaluate Mouffe's
> use of hegemony.

I'd love to hear from Gramsci experts on this one.  More broadly, I'd
love to hear from anyone about a) Gramsci generally--his uses and abuses
(I've hear it said that he's generally been misread by the cultural
studies crowd, for example: could someone attempt other possible
readings) and b) the concept of hegemony more generally, either in
Gramsci or elsewhere.

Any takers?


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