survey results and co-moderation--PLEASE READ

Jon Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Sat Mar 4 02:01:45 MST 1995

I will be compiling the results from the survey shortly.  There was a
pretty good response, and the answers were interesting.

I will post the compilation to the list, but just to pre-empt a little, I
have been thinking of looking for a volunteer to be co-moderator of the
list, as I realize I really don't have time to put in all the effort this
list requires.  Flannon Jackson, current co-moderator of the list, has
been putting in sterling service with technical stuff behind the scenes
(and has also been doing a lot of technical work for the spoon collective
more generally).  I think that the new co-moderator would be mainly
concerned with the actual discussion of the list, and would help to
co-ordinate and facilitate productive discussion.  This would involve
encouragement, reminders, engagement, damping down the occasional flames
and so on.

As a provisional result of the survey (and also arising from my own
concerns) I would be particularly pleased if the new co-moderator would
a) work to make the list a little less intimidating for those who find it
so and b) probably be a woman.

A commitment to the serious discussion of the Marxist tradition is, of
course, paramount.

More on this anon, I suspect.  In the meantime, feel free to send
suggestions privately to me (or to the list if anyone thinks a general
discussion is important).

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
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