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> In vol.
> 6, no. 1 (1993) of the journal Nature, Society, and Thought there is an
> interesting article by the Hungarian philosopher Andras Gedo on how
> Croci's philosophical idealism and Lenin's dialectical materialism
> brought about, among other things, the new-Left's flirtation with Gramsci
> and then their abandonment of him when they realized what he was up to.

Could you explain this a little more, please?  This is fascinating, but a
little cryptic (I'll try and have a look at the article sometime soon,
but if you could provide a bit more of a summary that would be really

> Gedo is probably one of the world's leading Marxist philosphers today.

And could you tell us a bit more about Gedo?  I've never heard of him
(shame on me?).

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