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Joseph Moore pieinsky at
Sat Mar 4 14:06:50 MST 1995

To the Marxism listers discussing Bernie Sanders:

There are several books out now about Sanders and the Burlington
progressive experience.  I think the best and the most interesting
of all these book politically is Greg Guma's The People's
Republic: Vermont and the Sanders Revolution (Shelburne Vt: The
New England Press, 1989).  ($14.95 from The New England Press,
P.O. Box 575, Shelburne Vermont 05482)  ISBN 0-933050-78-X.  Can't
find it?  I can probably help out if need be.  But try the other
means first.

Guma is a longtime participant in Burlington Left politics.  At
first he was a fairly close Bernie confidant, and then, like many
such people, had trouble with Sanders's egotism and idiosyncracies
and went his own more critical way.  Currently Guma is the editor
of the Burlington-based radical publication, "Toward Freedom."

This book describes in much greater analytical detail issues that
I could barely allude to in my earlier posting:  the GE protests
which Bernie denounced as "anti-worker" (most protestors including
myself were workers of one sort or another, although apparently
not fitting the mold of Sanders's cultural stereotypes), the
relations between the Progressives and the Burlington Greens (who
have their own very difficult character, Murray Bookchin, and
which are now in disarray and decline), and a running divisive
debate (not mentioned by me before) around how to "develop"
Burlington's old, dilapidated waterfront--in which the Greens
accused Bernie of selling out to commercial developers and in
which Bernie lost a city referendum.

The story of the trial of the "Winooski 44", a civil disobedience
related to the anti-GE protests, has been turned into a book:  Por
Amor Al Pueblo: !Not Guilty! (White River Junction Vt: Front Porch
Publishing, 1986) with an intro by Dave Dellinger (also arrested).
I have many copies of this book leftover, and I would be glad to
unload as many as anyone would like for the cost of mailing them.

There is more "expos" on Sanders in Alexander Cockburn's latest
column.  But I wouldn't necessarily trust his source this time.

Our town meeting day is Tuesday.  There is a mayoral election in
Burlington.  The Progressive ex-mayor, Peter Clavelle, is trying
for a comeback.  Burlington has been ruled the last two years
by--yes!--by a Republican (although the Progressives and their
allies are a majority now, for the very first time, on the city
council).  We'll see how Clavelle does now.  I like him better
than Bernie.

Has anyone e-mailed Sanders about the Crime Bill vote or anything
else and gotten back any responses.  Please forward me a copy.
For one, two, three, many revolutions,

J. Moore

P.S. Please, everyone, do whatever you can to support the EZLN!

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