Gramsci, Laclau, Mouffe (and Bhaskar)

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Mon Mar 6 07:46:55 MST 1995

Chodos wrote of L&M

What they get right is related to the idea that society is fundamentally an
open process (in their terms unsutured). I think that anyone truly committed
to purging detrerminism from Marxism has to agree with this. It means, of
course, that any notion of "determination in the last instance" has to be
abandoned. This is the only possible conclusion from a rejection of
determinism, in the sense of not postulating an epochal trajectory of social
systems (primitive communism, slavery, feudalism, capitalism, socialism,
communism, or some such list).


In what sense do you reject this trajectory?

Do you reckon that the earlier transitions never happened, or that
the last one is unlikely or that arbitrary reverse transistions
may occur - socialism -> feudalism for example.

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