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On Mon, 6 Mar 1995, Andy Daitsman wrote:

> Jury is still out on whether a socialism -> feudalism transition is going to
> occur, but in Latin America and the Caribbean, we saw a lot of transitions
> from slavery to feudalism -- some of them even before slavery was abolished.
>  If you want an example of the latter, Stuart Schwartz published a very
> interesting document in the Hispanic American Historical Review way back in
> 1977.  The document was a proposed peace treaty written by runaway slaves in
> the Brazilian province of Ilheus in the 1790s, and it laid out the
> conditions under which they return to servitude.

Another example: Carolyn Fick's book on Haiti (whose title I forget for
the moment) attempts to explain a transition back to feudalism after the
revolution--despite Toussaint's wish to "progress" to capitalist/free
labor managed renovation of the plantations (which had been among the
richest of Spain's colonies).

Fick also has an extensive treatment of "maroons" (runaway slaves) and an
overview of the literature on these groups.

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