Bhaskar and dialectics

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Tue Mar 7 01:12:13 MST 1995

As a recent victim of pulsating freedom -:), I have to
agree with Ralph Dumain's comments:

|My first impression: Bhaskar's very style betrays whatever
|seriousness of intent he may possess: it is a style of shameless
|intellectual huckerism: a constant barrage of impenetrable,
|abstract prose, indulging in unbridled name- and concept-dropping
|with every word, unnecessarily abstract terms and neologisms every
|other word, this mumbo-jumbo of obscurity given a veneer of
|scientific justification by means of quasi-mathematical symbols,
|abbreviations, and diagrams.  The arrogant, merciless ostentation
|of Bhaskar's logorrhea hurts my eyes and offends my brain...

He concludes

|There are indeed a few paragraphs that make some sense.  I have
|seen these ideas explained much better, more comprehensively, and
|more comprehensibly elsewhere, however.  I do not take kindly to
|authors who make themselves deliberately and unnecessarily
|incomprehensible, when it seems the little they have to say could
|be said without torturing the reader.

Having struggled through the entire volume, I can predict you will--
if you bother--find a few more paragraphs of worth. If you
like, I could fax them to you!

Steve Keen

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