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As regards regression in modes of production, what about the use of
chattel slavery by Nazi Germany and the USSR under Stalin. For example,
the use of gulag inmates to build the White Sea Canal seems more like
Asiatic despotism than either capitalism or socialism. (It couldn't even
have been "state capitalism," because that implies "free" labor.) Another
example: Pol Pot's effort to empty the cities and force everyone back to
the countryside.
	Also, there's the possibility that industrial civilization
(whether capitalist or "socialist") could so destroy the environment that
the surviving human population will be forced to a much lower level of


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> Ron writes
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> Marxists were given the impression that the sequence was as given
> above (primitive communism, slavery, feudalism, capitalism,
> socialism, communism, )
> Then there where those who said that perhaps there should be other
> possible paths which would incorporate the asiatic ...
> There was never any talk about going backwards. Water does not
> travel uphill.
> --------------
> The idea that transitions from socialism to capitalism are
> possible is hardly new to orthodox marxism.
> The Chinese Party raised the question in its polemic with
> Togliatti, Kruschov et al in the late 50s early 60s, citing
> Jugoslavia as evidence that such a transition could occur.
> Paul
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