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Wed Mar 8 10:44:49 MST 1995

	Ralph Dumain complains about my "childish drivel" on the
following grounds: I said, for example, that
">Totalitarian communism has widely discredited Marxist thought
>and even the most brilliant Marxists are implicated in its
>discrediting." He replied "Why should they be so implicated?  Why should
you join in the chorus of childish bellyaching?"

	To call complaints about totalitarian communism "childish
bellyaching" makes little sense to me. After all, estimates of people
who starved, were slaughtered, worked to death, or otherwise destroyed
run as high as 30 million. Still, let's grant the point. The question I
would then ask is whether or not there is any experience which would
call  into question the assumptions and theories of the traditional
Marxism criticized by Laclau and Mouffe? If not, how can the theory be
Marxist and not some kind of platonic ontology? If so, how can that
experience be more important than the Soviet experience?

Philip Goldstein

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