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Wed Mar 8 15:05:01 MST 1995

You make Bernie sound pretty darn good!  Of course, if he is ignoring the
question of racism, he should be taken up sharply.  Certainly this is not a
weakness of others in his Congressional Progressive Caucus.

For the life of me, I find it difficult to believe we are all on the same
planet, not to mention country, when you seem to criticize the fellow for not
directly challenging the capitalist system itself.  In the real world it
should be pretty clear that the majority of the American people are not quite
up to challenging capitalism at the moment!

However, many of them are certainly up to challenging the effects of
capitalism upon themselves.  It seems to me this is what Bernie is doing.
 This is where we need to start!  A movement to challenge capitalism directly
will only begin as a movement to challenge the attacks of the capitalists
upon the working people.  This is what the Contract is all about.  Therefore
our role as Marxists must be to participate in building a real movement of
people which directly challenges these massive attacks upon our class!

We are now in a defensive struggle.  An offensive struggle can only emerge as
part of successes gained in a defensive struggle.

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