Thomas Schumacher tschumac at
Thu Mar 9 08:37:06 MST 1995

Ralph Dumain wrote:

"As for new social movements, they are all just minor little farts
until they get together what it takes to go up against corporate
America and the capitalist state.  The last time this happened was
in the 1960s.  Now all we have are academic conferences without
even real intellectual content, pop-culture hot air (cultural
"resistance" -- ie. acting obnoxious but doing nothing), and lots
of inward-turning theory (feminist, queer, Green, and similar
petty bourgeois useless appurtenances)."

I'm sorry.  What were you saying about "childish drivel?"  How do you expect
people to "get together" when you dismiss them out of hand as lacking "real
intellectual content" and as being "petty bourgeois" (I presume as an epithet
rather than as a sociological category -- oops, that would be lacking in "real
intellectual content" now wouldn't it?)?

This is getting rediculous.

Tom Schumacher
Petty Bourgeois Intellectual
Dept. of Pop-Culture Hot Air

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