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Thu Mar 9 09:03:56 MST 1995

*}Intemperate Language,
*}I agree with Jon's post. But I don't recall and cannot find an
*}introduction by Ralph. Perhaps Jon was too busy at the time to
*}prompt him.
*}I feel an introduction would not only be a courtesy to us  but would
*}help those of us disturbed by his violent style, to understand where
*}he is coming from.

I have been a lurker mostly for a while on this list.  Some months ago I
was more active in a few discussions.  I have been quite put off by
Ralph Dumain's style of writing here.  Much of his *thought* is
obviously quite thought out, and some likely even correct, but it
consistently has the expression of heaping terms of abuse upon whatever
figure -- well known theorist, or participant on this list -- he
disagrees with.  That's really not the same thing Marx does, whose
insults have a great deal more subtlety than this.

Yours, Lulu...

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