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Howie Chodos howie at
Thu Mar 9 11:12:53 MST 1995

I too agree with Jon's post, and Chris' request to Ralph made me wonder if
there is a a general suggestion to be made here. As a relative newcomer to
the list I have found that I don't really have a clue who people are,
oldcomers and newcomers alike. Moreover, for a newbie it is impossible to
tell who is new and who is old. The only form of introduction that I can
recall giving of myself was to acknowledge in my first post that I was
worried about covering old ground, which, I now recognise, was probably a
breach of proper netiquette. But then again, after lurking for a while I
didn't notice very many introductions, and when they did happen, they seemed
to pass totally unacknowledged. That just made me self-conscious about
posting an explicit intro.

My suggestion, then, is that we consider establishing a biographical
archive, and that as part of becoming active on the list people post a brief
description of themselves, their interests, etc. This would be kept in a
separate archive, so that we can all, newbie and oldbie alike, access this
info more easily than by scrolling through all the posts in the general
archives to find someone's first, which may or may not contain their intro
(and which are not, as far as I can tell, organized by person, but by
subject line). It seems to me that this might also go some way to equalising
statuses on the list, while encouraging everyone to introduce themselves.

Howie Chodos

>From Chris' earlier post:

>I agree with Jon's post. But I don't recall and cannot find an
>introduction by Ralph. Perhaps Jon was too busy at the time to
>prompt him.
>I feel an introduction would not only be a courtesy to us but would
>help those of us disturbed by his violent style, to understand where
>he is coming from.
>Please Ralph, can you explain and introduce yourself?
>Chris Burford

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