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Thu Mar 9 18:26:12 MST 1995

>My suggestion, then, is that we consider establishing a
>biographical archive

Why not forward a copy to the FBI, with cc's to CIA, NSA, etc.,
while you are at it?  I have no idea who is on the other end of
the line either, nor how anyone is going to use the information I
send out against me.  I don't know who any of you are either, and
yet I am not intimidated into silence.  I say what I have to say
as I would expect of any you to do.

Why make things so complicated?  If you must know, I am no
professor, and academic norms of discourse mean nothing at all to
me.  This is not a conference exclusively for the timorous
academic elite.  It is open to anyone.  It is also about Marxism,
ie. the unwashed masses who care not a fig for your norms.  If you
can't stand the heat, get out of the mother-fucking kitchen.

>My one concern is that the "feel" of the list not be
>intimidating precisely to newcomers,

I am a newcomer and I don't care about the "feel" nor do I feel

>those who are not necessarily used to academic or left
>conventions of discourse etc.

Who cares about academic conventions of discourse?  I am no
academic; I would rather choke first.

>those whom such discourses conventionally silence (women, gays
>and lesbians,

Do not lump left with academic discourse, nor make condescending
remarks about who is silenced thereby.  Postmodern discourse
silences all but academics (see below):

>those without the "requisite" degree of educational and cultural
>capital) and so on.

I have a lot less cultural capital than most of you, I will bet,
and I'll take you all on anyway.  Your whining does not impress
me, because I am the first person people like you exclude from
your precious little coteries.

As for those of you offended by my tone, I suggest you focus your
attention on the content of my remarks, ie. pay attention to what
you are reading.  It amazes me how many PhDs (esp. in English
depts., esp. at places like Duke University) can't read.  Too much
obscurantist jargon addles the brain, perhaps?

Any more complaints?  Form a line to kiss my ass.

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