Confused about post-modern Marxists

Frances A Young fay at
Thu Mar 9 18:41:44 MST 1995

	I am new to the list and new to studying Marx.  I'm a little
nervous about speaking up, but do so to hopefully get a measure of just
how far off I am!  I was happy to read Ralph's post.  Yes, his tone was a
little confrontational, I think we should feel strongly about these
things and I understood his frustration with anti-essentialism.

	On this list, as well as at my school, post-modernism seems to be
politically correct, if you will.  While I understand the concept of
overdetermination, I lose its connection to Marxism when it denies the
primacy of the economic base.  It seems to me that post-modern Marxists
are kind of sitting around saying, "Wowwww, look at how all this stuff
acts and interacts..."  But then what?  Doesn't Marxist theory, by
definition, mean that while we acknowledge a multitude of influences, we
believe the economic to have primacy?  What is your starting point othewise?

	I have great respect for my post-modern Marxist professors and
classmates, and part of me thinks that as I learn more I will come to
understand their perspective.  Another part of me, the part that, as a
single mom on welfare is personally experiencing poverty and oppression,
is heartened by Ralph's (and others') comments.

Frances Young

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