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>>My suggestion, then, is that we consider establishing a
>>biographical archive

>Why not forward a copy to the FBI, with cc's to CIA, NSA, etc.,
>while you are at it?  I have no idea who is on the other end of
>the line either, nor how anyone is going to use the information I
>send out against me.  I don't know who any of you are either, and
>yet I am not intimidated into silence.  I say what I have to say
>as I would expect of any you to do.

Silly stuff, Ralph. My credentials are at least as valid as yours and I don't
see anything *threatening* about a database of credentials (though I haven't
any idea what purpose it might serve).

>Why make things so complicated?  If you must know, I am no
>professor, and academic norms of discourse mean nothing at all to
>me.  This is not a conference exclusively for the timorous
>academic elite.  It is open to anyone.  It is also about Marxism,
>ie. the unwashed masses who care not a fig for your norms.  If you
>can't stand the heat, get out of the mother-fucking kitchen.

Actually, it is *not* open to anyone. Few newslists are. Enjoy the *privelege*
of participating, guy.

>>My one concern is that the "feel" of the list not be
>>intimidating precisely to newcomers,

>I am a newcomer and I don't care about the "feel" nor do I feel

>>those who are not necessarily used to academic or left
>>conventions of discourse etc.

>Who cares about academic conventions of discourse?  I am no
>academic; I would rather choke first.

I agree with you about all the crap about academia. Sort of un-necessary,

>>those whom such discourses conventionally silence (women, gays
>>and lesbians,

>Do not lump left with academic discourse, nor make condescending
>remarks about who is silenced thereby.  Postmodern discourse
>silences all but academics (see below):

>>those without the "requisite" degree of educational and cultural
>>capital) and so on.

>I have a lot less cultural capital than most of you, I will bet,
>and I'll take you all on anyway.  Your whining does not impress
>me, because I am the first person people like you exclude from
>your precious little coteries.

Ahhhhh, nobody has less cultural capital than me, Ralph. I can
out-workingclass you any day of the week.

>As for those of you offended by my tone, I suggest you focus your
>attention on the content of my remarks, ie. pay attention to what
>you are reading.  It amazes me how many PhDs (esp. in English
>depts., esp. at places like Duke University) can't read.  Too much
>obscurantist jargon addles the brain, perhaps?

Your tone is basically in my face ... and I resent it, asshole! Not that you
ain't got nothin' to say ... please try to *fuckin' communicate*, huh?

>Any more complaints?  Form a line to kiss my ass.

No thanks.

Regards, Richard
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