Rude words

Adam Bandt bandt at
Thu Mar 9 20:31:03 MST 1995

On the topic of the 'a' word...

C'mon folks, let's not demonise Ralph Dumain. I agree with Jon B-M's sentiments
(and he does a fantastic job at looking over this list!) but I do think we
should be reticent about policing the list. RD knows the requested
procedures, and chooses to write the way he does. People can alays ignore
his postings if they find them a bit 'naughty'. I share many of RD's
concerns about L&M, and its healthy to understand the reactions they
provoke in people.

People should bear in mind the posibility that they are excluding people's
participation by using certain methods of writing but, as RD points out,
anti-vulgarism can be just as intimidating as anti-intellectualism. (I know
that I'm caricaturing the poles of this debate.) I think that we should
only 'censure' people if we find that they're giving information about us
to Government departments or physically threatening our safety.

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