Confused re post-modern Marxists

Adam Bandt bandt at
Thu Mar 9 20:30:04 MST 1995

Hi Frances!

> Doesn't Marxist theory, by
>definition, mean that while we acknowledge a multitude of influences, we
>believe the economic to have primacy?  What is your starting point othewise?

Whew ... huge issues. I don't have time to tocuh this one now, but I hope
someone else will. Suffice to say, I think it is perefectly reasonable to
seem confused about whether this is the case. For a marxist who _does not_
believe in the idea that society is 'structured' with a 'determining base',
but who is  not a post-moder marxist, read D'Amico, R (1978) 'Desire and
the Commodity Form' Telos Spring, pp 88-122.
D'Amico, R (1981) Marx and Philosophy of Culture (University Presses of
Florida, Gainesville).

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