Ralph Does The Angry Man Thing -- endless rerun

zodiac zodiac at gold.interlog.com
Thu Mar 9 20:35:44 MST 1995

I see that Ralph has been upsetting people here.  What a shockaroo. ;-)

I defended Ralph about two years ago on Hank Roth's open list.  Herr
Dumain alienated a few stuffed shirts there. I saw (and see) nothing wrong
with it since I thought he was sincere and sniping at from-above-commies.

I engaged in a discussion about Stirner back then, and don't really
disagree with the coupla Ralph posts I've read here. Stirner is a
simpleton, etc.

But I really do have to object to the post this missive is in reply to,
RD... please, sir, what is the point to the following?

> >My suggestion, then, is that we consider establishing a
> >biographical archive
> Why not forward a copy to the FBI, with cc's to CIA, NSA, etc.,
> while you are at it?  I have no idea who is on the other end of
> the line either, nor how anyone is going to use the information I
> send out against me.  I don't know who any of you are either, and
> yet I am not intimidated into silence.  I say what I have to say
> as I would expect of any you to do.

Blah blah blah. Like yer a real radical on the run. Gimme a fucking

If you don't like the conventions of a list, leave it. You have been
around email longer than most responding to you. If you don't wanna ID
yerself, say so -- or, even better, set up yer own list called PERFECT
WORLD where no one ever has to ID themself! (If you don't know how to do
it, I could help you set one up -- it would be interesting to see who many
people you could attract in yer Solidarity Hunt.)

In fact, why don't we ALL set up our own email list! Let's splinter
endlessly until we finally all have our OWN email list! THAT will be the
true liberation from the owning class! "Sure! You own the means of

Lead the way, Ralph!

> Why make things so complicated?  If you must know, I am no
> professor, and academic norms of discourse mean nothing at all to
> me.  This is not a conference exclusively for the timorous
> academic elite.  It is open to anyone.  It is also about Marxism,
> ie. the unwashed masses who care not a fig for your norms.  If you
> can't stand the heat, get out of the mother-fucking kitchen.

Ralph likes it furious. And I like that part of his personality. (And I
like CLRJ, RDs mentor ;-)

But this AINT a politlcal forum, this is just a coffee shop. And ranting
gets you nowhere. If you REALLY are angry with the system, GET INTO
politics, dont spurt yer jism in here at others who are, perhaps, in

As with a coffee shop (or bar), some civility is required -- civility as
you would accord a stranger you met at a club. From this perspective, I
can understand why some take offense to Ralph.  Fuck, in most of the bars
I've worked in, he'd quite simply have had his head kicked in by now.

Again, Ralph -- If you are so fulla piss and vinegar for the proletariat.
then go somewhere where the fight really fucking counts, not here in ascii
land where yer head thug of the ascii wimps.

> As for those of you offended by my tone, I suggest you focus your
> attention on the content of my remarks

OK... can I play by yer rules too!?

Yer a fucking pinhead because you alienate the small audience you actually
have for your discourse. These little email lists are probably all you
have, since you invest so much ego into them. If it's some Jesus Christ
complex to die alone, then fucking yer neighbor's pitbull in plain sight
will probably upset the academics just as much and save you lots of time.

Oh ya... but I can't forget the "Failsafe Dumclaimer":

"If yer offended by my tone, I suggest you focus your attention on the
content of my remarks."

Malaclypse the Foetus
<insert Biafra quote>

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