What I expect, minimally, from this list

Kenny Mostern kennym at uclink2.berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 10 00:00:32 MST 1995

I am the person who asked Philip Goldstein to not participate in the
list, by private e-mail.  I did not tell him to go away because he
defended Laclau and Mouffe, as he claimed; I told him to go away because
he dismissed marxism as such.  I asked him what he expected from a bunch
of marxists upon doing such a thing.

Personally I have no big issue with flames one way or another, neither
respecting them nor vilifying them.

I had a very specific reason for being glad that Dumain flamed Goldstein,
though of course it could perhaps have been done better.  That is,
Goldstein's post said that marxism was, in effect, solidly on the side of
evil in the world.  He totalized marxism, turned it into Stalin's
government, which it most certainly is not.  Frankly Stalinist discourse
isn't Stalinist government, and I'm not for the former any more than I'm
for the latter.

This list is for the discussion of marxism.  Anyone who does not think
there is something valuable to discuss, who thinks that marxism is
something to denounce as a whole, shouldn't be here.  Out of respect for
those of us who are marxists, and out of self-respect.

I'm just speaking for myself.  I don't require politeness, in particular,
nor do I require depth of knowledge of the subject, nor do I require any
particular line.  I ask, minimally, that everyone here has a positive
interest in marxism.  I reserve the right to flame anyone who insists on
posting who can't meet that minimal requirement.

Kenny Mostern
UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Graduate Group

Against:  racism, sexism, homophobia, capitalism, militarism
For:  the truth--and the funk!

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