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Fri Mar 10 04:34:39 MST 1995

Responses to various commentators:

>Maybe he should next train his guns on the creepy Raya
>Dunayevskaya cult of *News & Letters*.

Believe me, I've done this before.  Creepy is the word!  I have
documentation of Raya's behavior patterns from the time when she
was still associated with C.L.R. James, even before she formed her
own cult in 1955.  I would love a complete debriefing of your
experience of News & Letters, and it would be important for the
historical (off-the-)record.

>It's too bad Bob Black isn't on the list--I'd like to see him
>and Ralph duke it out.

I _loathe_ Bob Black, but I have no wish to engage in verbal
fisticuffs just for the hell of it.  My time and energy are

>I had a very specific reason for being glad that Dumain flamed
>Goldstein, though of course it could perhaps have been done

I apologize for my dereliction of duty to the art form.  You put
your criticism very well.  There is an awful lot of insincerity
going on here, and not just with Goldstein.  For the funk,

>Whatever, there are few things more tedious than a list in which
>the discussion centers around one person

That is the truth.  I'm already bored with my celebrity status as
purveyor of infamy (even more bored with it than zodiac).  Let's
get back to the intellectual issues.

>Should anyone wish to start their own lists, whether on
>euromarxism or on Trotskyite orthodoxy (or on CLR James--in fact
>someone approached me some time ago suggesting a CLR James list,
>and I wrote back encouraging them to find out if they thought
>this would be viable, but I never heard back from them)

It would seem balkanization of Marxist topics into separate lists
would be undesirable.  Re a CLR James list: I had thought of
establishing such a list myself, but I haven't had the time and I
also didn't want it to be associated with me personally given my
partisanship and talent for making enemies.  I would not attempt
to violate confidentiality by asking who suggested a CLR James
list, but if you contact that person again, please ask him/her to
contact me.  I don't know how much interest there is in James in
cyberspace, but I would encourage, if a separate list is
infeasable, a discussion of James in this forum.  Please note also
my recent post on James and dialectics.  All interested in James
please come forward!

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