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Fri Mar 10 12:26:49 MST 1995

The Ogre wrote:

>I have a lot less cultural capital than most of you, I will bet,
and I'll take you all on anyway.  Your whining does not impress
me, because I am the first person people like you exclude from
your precious little coteries.

As for those of you offended by my tone, I suggest you focus your
attention on the content of my remarks, ie. pay attention to what
you are reading.  It amazes me how many PhDs (esp. in English
depts., esp. at places like Duke University) can't read.  Too much
obscurantist jargon addles the brain, perhaps?<

rdumain, you are a funny guy. I actually agree with some of what you say, but
Jesus, get back on your prozac!

While the list is an open one, its not a bathroom wall. Not that I'm offended
(I don't get offended, and I'm partial to foul language), but your efforts to
be like Abbie Hoffman in the Stock Exchange are only amusing, not

Are you sure you're not part of some Cyberspace COINTELPRO program? Or
perhaps you've been sent by some miniscule Leninist party to enter the
Academic temple and (like Jesus) turn over the tables. I'm betting you're
just a guy who's really frustrated that the capitalists are kicking ass and
taking names, while the torch of marxism is being carried by people who read
Derrida and such. I guess I can sympathize, but I don't know what defacating
on this list will accomplish.

>Any more complaints?  Form a line to kiss my ass.<

Sorry. I hate long lines. Reminds me of socialism.

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