William Morris

Guy Yasko guyy at aqu.bekkoame.or.jp
Fri Mar 10 17:54:38 MST 1995

Hans Ehrbar asks who is William Morris.  Perhaps others can give a more detailed
reply, but Morris was a 19th c. English Socialist, now known more among
architects, designers, and Liberty shoppers.  With connections to the Neo-
Raphaelites and the arts and craft movement, Morris came to socialism out of
concern for what capitalism had done to workersAtheir labour, and the products
of labour.  Morris established a cooperative which attempted to counter the
capitalist alienation of labour by fostering and protecting craft work.  In
Morris' view, work should mean more than the execution of orders but include
thought and aesthetic reflection.  Not surprisingly,  Marxists concerned with
the work process -- for example, the French Socialisme ou Barberie group -- hold
Morris in high regard.  For more, see E.P. Thompson's biography.

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