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The discussion of calling one a Marxist, Of was Stalin a
Marxist,and so on

>I don't always agree with Phil, but I think he's right on target
>Stalin committed mass murder, and used Marxist principles to
defend it.<<

All this reminds me of the other great phisosophical systems,
Christianity, Muslems, and others.

In their name mass murder was excused, The crusades, the
inquisition, and so on.

Do modern christians blame Christ for this.

Is Muhamed to be blamed for the car bombs, the killings in

Let us not be too simplistic.

I agree with the comments,

>look at Marx in process, not Marx as a finished product.  Marx
>never finished his project or his system.

I look it rather as an attempt to move away from the idealist
systems to a rational system. This did and does not mean that
"Marxism" has all the answers but that it seeks the answers in
rational thought and considered action.

Stalin was an aberation. Many of us went along with it. We were
guilty by association. Well I plead quilty. But in South Africa we
have set up a truth commission. If the murderers and killers of
the apartheid era reveil their histories and crimes then we will
not forget but we will forgive.  On this basis I can forgive
Stalinism, but to forget would be a greater crime against

But let the capitalists and imperialist do likewise.

Was Stalin a Marxist? Was the Lucrecia Borgia a Christian? If the
answer in either case is yes then we define Marxism and
Christianity by one practicioner. If no then are we refusing to
recognise that Marxism or Christianity are systems which are

It seems a bit futile to me.

Any system especially a system which is supposed to rest on
rational thought must be imperfect. To make it a bit better it
must have buildt into it checks and balances which allow as many
people as possible to have an input.

If you say that Stalin was a dictator. That the Borgia's were
murderers, then I agree.

Ron Press,

As long as my corner is not littered with Shits, Arses, and Fucks.
I do not mind.  I must confess that when I worked in the
engineering factory I learnt that the use of the expletive was
merely because a more suitable adjective did not come easily to

I would rather be called a bastard than be called a good fellow.
It depends on who uses the term and why. When my boss called a
good fellow I got really worried.

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