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Sat Mar 11 13:14:02 MST 1995

> Now if one possible development of Marxist thought, based on elements
> intrinsic to that thought, can result in mass murder (and without quibbling
> over the numbers, I'm sure that even Paul will agree that mass murder did
> occur in the Stalinist Soviet Union), then it is incumbent on anyone who
> seeks to speak in the name of the Marxist tradition yet who wants to avoid
> another devolution into a terrorist state, to come to grips with precisely
> how  Stalinism arose.
If I may say what seems to me the obvious, there has been a great deal of
mass destruction and murder this century, so this paragraph hardly
provides specific reasons for saying *anything* about marxism, except
perhaps that marxism, like everything else, can be used to the ends of
murderers.  I don't know about you, but I'm not surprised by this.

[now, of course certain postmodernists and poststructuralists, in their
self-delusions that they have truly provided the world with something new
and unprecedented, claim not to be entangled with this history, as though
Nietzsche had not been invoked in mass murder and destruction, and as
though there was some decisive break with "western metaphysics" that
occurred in the narratives of a few people writing about 1967 in France,
narratives that still don't--much like the narratives they
criticize--have a damn thing to say anyone but "the west".]

[I am not intending to tarry all post-identified people with that level
of innocence, but I can give citations to some]

Marxism has the unusually virtue of providing useful explnanations to
certain questions and suggesting certain actions for changing the world,
which perhaps some of us care about.  It has been used extensively as a
tool for understanding the rise of Stalin and the fall of the Soviet
Union.  I do not claim for it, or for myself, a dirt-free existence.
(You're typing on a capitalist made computer?  You're complicit with
murder and oppression:  get used to it.)  Now let's talk about something
useful . . .

Kenny Mostern
UC-Berkeley Ethnic Studies Graduate Group

Against:  racism, sexism, homophobia, capitalism, militarism
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