Dead people and anarchists

Scott Marshall Scott at
Sun Mar 12 06:37:16 MST 1995

As Wright correctly points out dead people rarely change their minds after
death. In fact several of my dead friends called to complain about that
sloppy formulation in my message. To paraphrase EB White "Sorry for the long
and sloppy post, I would have been shorter if I had had more time."

I ran two thoughts together in an unfortunate and funny way. The point I
wanted to make was that no matter what some of the international brigade
veterans (Spanish Civil war) later came to believe, they most often came to
be in Spain fighting fascism due in part to the influence of the CP's and
Stalin in that period.

As to the mayority of anti-fascist Republicans being anarchists... I'm no
expert but I've never seen any evidence of that. Anarchists were a tiny
minority in the Lincolns. Though I was speaking primarily of the
internationals - I don't think anarchists were any where near the majority
among the home grown Spanish Republican forces either.

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