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bill E shakalis bes at world.std.com
Sun Mar 12 05:31:56 MST 1995

On Sun, 12 Mar 1995 n.gant at genie.geis.com wrote:

> I read the references to the PWW and Hall's commentary on the Chechnya
>  situation in latest issue of The Militant(13 Mar 1995), the Socialist Labor
>  Party's newspaper.   ...
> Nathan M. Gant

  Just a small correction here, FYI:  'THE Militant' is the Socialist
WORKER's Party newspaper, not the SLP's. The Socialist Labor Party puts
out the 'The People'; the Socialist Party USA (whose lineal heritage is
the Socialist Party of Debs and Thomas, reorganized in 1973) publishes 'The
Socialist'... and then there are the many other publications of other
Left political groups/parties...

    Need a scorecard to keep track, much like a marathon with 20,000
runners... unfortunately, that is the state of the American Left...

   -- Bill Shakalis

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