Any European Marxism lists?

n.gant at n.gant at
Sun Mar 12 19:01:00 MST 1995

What is the current status for European left political groups on-line?  Are
they hooked into Internet some way?

Is it possible to pick up minitel net numbers outside of France for say a
related topic on socialism?

I would think that with the crude machine translations available in any
European language(with ascii transliteration or possibly unicode using
MIME), it would be in demand by just about any curious mind.

Information sharing should be extended on a larger playing field; Marx
always looked at the big picture, I think.  But I am still waiting for the
real information revolution to happen.  What's the hold up?  Am I missing
something I should know?

 "Our welfare cheats aren't driving Cadillacs in the ghettos; they manuever
Space Shuttles through extra-terrestial junkyards."


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